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Aradia Arcanum

Practitioner of Magick

Hey there Beautiful Souls! I am Aradia, The Witch of Darklight.

I’m so happy you stopped by to check out my world!

Let me give you a little background story of my journey to here.

I was born into this world with an “Otherworldly” awareness.  My life since childhood was one of immersion into all things esoteric, despite the personal hardships and traumas she endured. The occult was my grounding and guiding light upon a difficult path which ultimately became a path of great healing and wisdom. Through the ‘metaphysical’, I learned how to joyfully and abundantly live in the ‘physical’, and now I’m devoted to being a grounding and guiding light for others. 

As a seasoned Witch and Magician, I spent several years as an active member of a working coven, and was ordained as a 1st Degree Wiccan Priestess before determining there was a different path as a witch calling her.

My ability to sense the pain that others feel is what drives me as a healer. 

My modalities include medicinal and magickal herbalism, reiki, tuning fork energy work and astrology. 


Through esoteric practices and studies in the occult I assists students, clients and mentees onto their healing paths, and guide them as they journey their way too healing, wholeness and empowerment.

I love manifesting magick!

Spell Crafting

As a beginner I would work with spells created by many who came before us.  Now as a seasoned practitioner of magick creating spells with my own special incantations has become a powerful part of my practices.


Every person is gifted in some way of communicating the otherworldly things.  Discovering which form of divination works for you is key in your connection to the unseen.  

The form of divination that speaks to me, is the art of Astrology.  I love translating the language of the Universe through the signs in the solar systems celestial bodies.

Crafting Botanicals

For me, being a practitioner in the art of magick also means getting to know the heart and soul of plants, herbs, roots and all that nature has to offer us.  Every botanical has it’s own energy that resonates different frequencies.

Altar Tour

Check out this video and take a look at a walk through of my altar space!

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