Astral Projection: Ritual Blend

This Astral Projection Ritual Blend was created to help induce astral travel and/or lucid dreaming.  If this is something you are interested in, both can be achieved with this blend of ingredients and ritual.  

What is the difference between Astral Travel & Lucid Dreaming?


Astral Travel is an intentional (if you are a born natural astral traveler this can sometimes happen unintentionally) out-of-body experience (OBE) when your astral body travels to specific places like other astral realms and even to your friends apartment, of course with their permission because you wouldn’t want to scare them ;-).  This is something that has been around for a long time but the theosophical society coined the term Astral Projection in the 19th century.

Lucid Dreaming is similar to astral traveling however you do not necessarily journey to different planes of existence.  It simply means you are in a state of awareness while dreaming.  It can be perfected to the point of controlling parts of the dream state.

Both these states of being can be induced by hallucinogens and this brings me to the point I want to share.  I have experimented with the typical home remedy sleep aids and concoctions and have even tried the ancient art of the mushroom.  Whichever method is used to achieve lucid dreaming or astral traveling is up to the individual and their level of ease or difficulty to connect to otherworldly places.

The Ritual Blend - Dried Botanicals

With this said I have created a blend that doesn’t need to be ingested, what simply needs to occur is a ritual and smudging yourself with the herb.  This is after all how it has been done for the most part in our ancient cultures through shamanic journeys.

The Blend

  • Mugwort
  • Devils Claw
  • Mullein
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • African Dream Root
  • Frankincense Oil

The Supplies

  • Smudging Feather (or something equivalent to smudge with)
  • Cauldron or Heat Safe Bowl
  • Charcoal Disc
  • Notepad

The Ritual

The first step is setting a sacred space in your home and making sure you will be undisturbed.  This will be done right before you are ready to go to sleep.  You will need to set the tone of your space and this is different for everyone.  Choose what feels right to you, and this can be instrumental music, candle lighting, incense burning and how you and where you will set during this ritual.

Your sacred space will need to be where it’s ok to have the smoke from the dried blend smudged throughout the room.  Please keep in mind all safety precautions while doing so.

The next step once the sacred space is prepared and you are ready to begin, light the charcoal disc, wait a minute and then place a half teaspoon of the dried blend on the charcoal.  You will take the feather and fan the smoke toward you and all around you.

Once that is complete sit and chant the words you have written or the words shared below:

As I surrender my mind, 

to take this journey

Across the planes,

To the otherworldly,

I am protected

As I take this path

As I will it, the magick has been cast.

After you have said the ritual words, sit for a few minutes.  During this time you may receive a download from the universe and astral traveling can sometimes take place in this moment depending on the level of connection you have.

When you feel ready……. It is time to go to sleep and travel.

Sweet Dreams & Safe Travels