The Witch of Darklight

astrology readings

with Aradia

Lost....Not having a clear view of what your future holds.

Pulled....but don't know which direction to go.

Do you feel .......

Tired....of feeling unfulfilled in life.

Over Worked....and need a way to navigate balance

Who you are is written in the stars!

Your Road Map

Let me help guide you on this journey of discovery.

During our session we will:

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Black Moon Lilith In Your Chart

The Wounded Healer "Chiron"

In mythology Chiron among other things derived from his tales, he was known as the, "Wounded Healer". Find out how this relates to Astrology and what it means for you in your birth chart!

“My reading was awesome! Eerily accurate and so fascinating! I learned a lot about myself while at the same time confirming things I innately knew. Overall, the reading helped me to realize more about myself on a soul level and validated to me that I’m on my true path. I feel more confident and excited to continue working toward my goals, knowing they are part of my own personal Divine Plan. And I loved Aradia! She’s so sweet.“

~J.R. Lesperance

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