Magick of the Month for October

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If I had to put a title on the month of October, it would be,  “Hauntingly Powerful”!  With its autumnal colors, mystical energies and festivities, it brings a spark of magick. This is the most active month in the spiritual culture and communities in many parts of the world. It is the time when the […]

Mabon: The Witches Thanksgiving

Mabon The Witches Thanksgiving Mabon alternatively known as The Witches Thanksgiving and is the Autumn Equinox, the second harvest of the year. This is when the earth is full of autumnal colors of deep reds, yellow, oranges and golds, throughout the lands.  A time for celebrating the harvest yielded, after all the hard work of […]

The Magick of the Month: September

It’s harvest time! We are approaching the second harvest of the season and change is in the air! September is such a magickal month in the way that it ushers in the autumnal energy. I wanted to share all the magickal things (well most of them lol) about September and what you can do to […]

Love Attraction

Hey there Beautiful Souls!  Let’s talk about one of the most famous magical requests when it comes to casting spells!  That would be, YES you guessed it, Love Attraction spell.   All be it that you may be able to draw in some kind of love, I don’t believe that is the full answer to […]

Create A Corn Dolly – Lammas & Lughnasadh

Would you like to create a Corn Dolly? In this Step by Step walk through of me creating my first Corn Dolly, you will learn how to create your own.  Be ready for your next Lammas or Lughnasadh celebration!

Celebrating Ostara

What is Ostara? The pagan holiday Ostara comes from the celebration of a West Germanic Goddess Eostre of the spring season. This Goddess was honored at celebrations of fertility and rebirth. Ostara is a pagan and Wiccan holiday which celebrates the spring equinox.  This is the time on the Wheel of the Year, when Night & […]

Virgo Full Moon Magick

(Check Out The Video Below) The Virgo Full Moon Magick of March 2022 is bringing us the power to manifest our dreams that the energy of the Pisces New Moon brought us.  Having the Full Moon in Virgo helps us with the ways to take action, because some may not understand the steps to take […]

The Magick of Spring

It’s that time, when life begins to show itself in the elements of nature.  The change in the winds and subtle breezes.   We are fast approaching the season of Spring with the earth awakening and magick of March! Some energies that can be felt are the feelings of new beginnings, hope, passion and creativity.   The […]

Self Confidence In Your Magick

Do You Have Self Confidence In Your Magick? Many struggle with having the self confidence in magick to achieve goals.  This no doubt can come from being told or made to feel throughout your life you are inadequate. There are some ways you can work through this but the most successful for me is conquering […]

Leo Full Moon Spell

This Leo Full Moon is coming with some big Karmic Activating energy! Being able to receive the downloads and messages that you have been waiting for and blessings that the Universe has in store for you is important in times like this. If you have been applying energy towards something and waiting for it to […]