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Cleansing Your Space: The New Years Magick


We are at the end of a cycle where we prepare our list of New Year resolutions.

We set our intentions towards personal goals and unfulfilled desires.

What we often do not think about, is the prep to clear the way for the new magick to happen.

Some of the best ways to prepare for new beginnings is cleansing your home of the old energy of the current year, to pave the way for the energies of the new year.

Here are 7 ways that can prepare you and your home for the coming New Year: 

1. Smoke Cleanse: is one of the oldest forms of cleansing your space.  Gather some herbs that help remove unwanted energies, like Rosemary, Sweetgrass, Cedar, among many. Then burn them to smudge your home.  You can also use liquids to spritz your home with the same properties by filling a bottle with water and a few drops of essential oils specific to the task. Both ways work.

2. Clean your altar space: this helps remove all the old residue and stale energy, to make way for new magickal workings.

3. Cleanse Crystals/Stones & Magickal Tools: Crystals, Stones and our Magickal Tools aid us daily to help in our magickal task.  Taking this time to do a massive annual cleanse, helps them continue their job effectively. Cleansing them by smudging or setting them in salt are great ways to revitalize their energies

4. Place selenite around the home (creating a grid ): Setting up selenite in the corners of your home (North, South, East & West) sets a grid of protection that helps keep the unwanted energies out and allow the wanted energies in.


5. Rose of Jerico: This opens the road for good fortune.  On the eve of the coming new year pour water on the rose of jericho to give it life.  Check out this link that explains uses for this resurrection plant.

6. Reinforce protection barrier around your home: Set up or Renew the protection barrier around your home annually, keeps it fortified. Items that can be used:

  1. Brick Dust
  2. Cascarilla Powder (egg shells)

Sprinkle one or both around the perimeter of your home.  You can also sprinkle at your front door. (for those with pets please be sure to sprinkle in a place undetected or inaccessible)

7. Rearrange furniture: The setting of your home has its own living energy and by shifting the furniture this sets the tone for a new energy to manifest.  Here is a link for ways to make your home feng shui.


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