The Ritual Gathering Event!

This Month's Topic

Writing Spell Incantations for Ritual

May 26th 2022

7:30pm EST

What Are Spell Incantations?

~a use of spells or verbal charms spoken or sung as a part of a ritual of magic also : a written or recited formula of words designed to produce a particular effect.~

Incantation Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster


Writing your own personal spell incantation helps you connect with the magick of your intentions to manifest!

 Whether you love the art of a rhyme or the beauty in words recited in poetry, putting the words together for a spell incantation is all a part of the alchemical formula designed to manifest magick!

What You Will Need

  • Paper
  • Pen 
  • Your Favorite Incense
  • Matches or Lighter
  • Chalice (or Wine Glass)
  • Wine (or Alternative, favorite beverage of choice) to toast the rituals closure

Things To Know

You will be creating and writing your own spell incantation so make sure to bring enough paper for writing a draft.

We will be using a pen because the act of using the ink is finalizing the intentions.  

And as always all things should be created with the guidance of your intuition and what works best for you!

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The Evening

Meet & Greet


Casting Circle

Topic of the Hour

Writing our Spells & Incantations Together

Open The Circle – So Mote It Be

Share Our Experiences with our favorite Drinks

Come prepared to be in a ritual state of mind.

You can even dress the part in your Witchy garments!

We will set the tone of our space with candles and incense (it’s best to set the tone of your personal space for ritual to tap into your manifesting power)

Once the Ritual is complete we will share our experience and drink our favorite beverage!

See You There!

For and questions or concerns please email