The Witch of Darklight

Welcome to the Candle Magick Workshop - Next

~Money Candle Magick~

Here is the list of items needed:

A Green 7 Day Candle

The size needs to be large enough for you dress and use for an extended period of time

Here is a link for an example: 7 Day Candle

We will discuss how and why to dress your candle and different methods used.

Botanicals (Select 2)

The botanicals that will be used correlates with the purpose of the candle magic.

We will be dressing your candle to maximize the manifesting power.

Here are a list of herbs/plants that can be used.

  • catnip
  • rosemary
  • calendula
  • bay leaves
  • nutmeg
  • allspice

Large Needle

You will need the needle to penetrate the wax creating holes for the oil(s) to be submerged into the hole.


A conjure, enchanted, magickal oil that correlates with prosperity. Example: Money or Attraction oil, Van Van oil, Master Root oil, etc.

(You can use Olive Oil if you do not have access to the other oils)

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