Protection Spell for a Grimoire

First Step Before The Protection Spell 

If you are looking to get a Grimoire or have one now and would like to protect it, below are the steps and spell.

First if this is a new book you will want to activate and initiate your new Grimoire.

Start by cleansing your space for the initiation of the book. This can be done using herbal smokes like sage or rosemary. At this time you can call in your guides, spirits or deities within your space to lend their magick. 

Once, everything is set and the space cleared and the spirits summoned, begin to cleanse the Grimoire. Simply take a smudge stick of incense and/or herbs, light it and have the smoke go all around the book. As you are doing this, visualize energy coming down from the heavens and pouring over the book. 

Next, speak the enchantment to activate and link (or words you have written):

I call forth the elements in this time and space

Lend me your aid here on this day

I speak awakening powers to give life

To this grimoire that will hold the words that I write

You are now activated and linked to me

As I will it, so mote it be.


Protection Spell

After your Grimoire has been activated and your energy linked, it’s time to protect it. Light a black taper candle while saying the words of protection below (or words you have written):

The magick here has been enchanted

Without permission access is not granted

May this book be hidden and protected from harm,

In the magick hour, it has been charmed.

The knowledge and wisdom past down from the ages, 

are my sacred writings upon these pages

All who look needs permission from me

As I will it so mote it be.