How To Cut Energy Cords - Ritual

Do you know how to disconnect yourself energetically from things in your life that are no longer a part of your journey?  Let’s talk about how to cut energy cords as one of the ways to achieve letting go, releasing and moving on, ready to receive what is in alignment with the next chapter of your life.

What Does It Mean To Cut Energy Cords?

Fun fact…..if you google this term you will find something that was not quite expected.  This term on Wikipedia states, In broadcast television, cord-cutting refers to the pattern of viewers, referred to as cord-cutters, canceling their subscriptions to multichannel television services available over cable or satellite, dropping pay television channels.

Well, when you think about it and look at the meaning for this term in the magickal circles it actually is not much of a difference because cord cutting simply means releasing oneself from a connection no longer wanted or needed.  This connection was formed energetically and fortifies over time.

The Energy Cord 

The Cord is the energy frequency that was formed during the connection between people, places or things.  Just about everything has an energy signature, a certain unique frequency that resonates and for people I believe this signature was created at the time of birth.  This energy vibration is the Cord that anchors you to help you connect and understand the source of the object (person,place or thing) you are in relationship to.  To get the true meaning of something we must first connect.  

Cutting The Energy Cord Source

When we move on from someone or something it doesn’t mean we are no longer connected, it simply means we aren’t actively and knowingly connecting for the purpose of gaining knowledge and the understanding of oneself in relationship to another.  Most move on and carry this weight and baggage of the old, not realizing that this mass of energy is affecting their evolution.  This is why Cord Cutting is so important and imperative to one’s progression, because without the removal of this energy connection, you will be tethered to a frequency that no longer resonates with you.  It’s like playing simultaneously two songs in two different genres of music very loudly, and you can imagine this sound bringing piercing confusion, not being able to understand the words from either of the songs, it would be as if one is battling to be heard over the other.   

Cutting The Energy Cord Source

With all things if you are not experienced in the art of what it is you need done, seeking the aid of a more experienced practitioner of spirituality where this is concerned is what may be best for achieving the right results.

However, with this said there are some things you can do on your own when the situation is not as magnified, meaning you are aware that something in your life has served its purpose and it’s time to move on.  There are situations that require a great deal of spiritual working when it comes to cord cutting, this would be when the energy source of connection has been fortified over time.  This in my opinion is where if you aren’t an experienced spiritual worker, it is best to acquire the aid of one that is.

Depending on the level of energy connection, it can take one ritual or a ritual process over a certain amount of days.

Cord Cutting Candle Magick

One of my favorite ways to do this as a practitioner of magick is through a cord cutting ritual using candle magick.  For this you will need two candles that are connected by the wick because the act of the candles burning down and the wick separating during this process signifies the cutting away of this energy.  Now just lightning the candle will not activate this cord cutting process, you will need to go through the steps to ignite this magic.  

The Ritual Process: Cutting Energy Cords

During a night when the Moon is in its waning phase.

Write down all the things you feel connects you to this source.  Everything that reminds you of this source.  Even the things that at one time made you feel good, write it all down.  The good and the bad.  Once you have written this down you will burn this paper while actively speaking the words, “I release this connection”.  Please do this in a safe place outside or in a heat safe bowl or cauldron (preferably outside if the paper is large)

Next, set the tone of your space by cleansing (with the herb or resin of your choice, examples of cleansing agents are, sage, rosemary, frankincense, myrrh, palo santos), make sure you will be undisturbed until you are finished, light a white candle to represent your connection to your higher self, spirits and guides, this will strengthen the magick and if you desire and it helps you to achieve a higher frequency turn on some music (I love music) that is in alignment with this magick.

Calling In Your Deity(s) 

Call into your space deities and spirits you work with and light a candle that represents them. They are what can help bring success to the outcome of this candle magick (if you do not work with deities you can simply just light the white candle for your higher self).

Now, get the connecting cord cutting candles (if you do not have candles connected by the wick, you can use two separate candles), one candle will represent you and the other will represent the source of what it is you are releasing yourself from.   Place these candles on a heat safe dish, in a place for it to be ok to burn down.  Carve on the candle representing the source you are releasing the words, “I release this connection” and on the candle representing yourself carve the words, “I am free”.

It is time to light the candle(s) while doing so chant the words, “I AM FREE from this source that was connected to me”.  Once the candle(s) is lit, give thanks to feel yourself with gratitude that is done.

Check out this video for an alternative way to create your own cord cutting candles.
And watch some candle magick!

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