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A Little
Spring Equinox Magick!

Sharing some candle magick with The Witch of Darklight Patreons.

A beautiful Blessed Ostara and Spring Equinox!

I Love my head bust of Venus on my altar!

My Altar To Honor "Me"

Venus is the ruler of my birth chart, therefore part of my personal alchemy.  What better way to honor that part of me.  

So excited to put together a small space on my altar that is dedicated to who I am!

We should honor who we are, which is in a way all a part of self love.

Honor your personal alchemy!


I find myself reaching for this powerful botanical when working on some divination


This resin is one of my favorite aroma’s that help me connect to my higher self


A go to botanical when I am looking to manifest what I need fast results

Check out this article below about the Power of the Herbs!

I LOVE ART! It's a major part of creating magick!

Witches Flight

Witches Sabbath

Burial of the Sardine

Do you know about the artist Goya (Francisco Goya) who created famous art depicting Witches?

One of my current favorite tools of the craft!

The Cauldron

Currently my most favorite tool of the craft. It is like having my own personal portal to manifest magick in.

I use it for candle magick, burning petitions and let’s be honest I love using fire in my magick so you can see why the cauldron is perfect.

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