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Lucid Dreaming – Do You Lucid Dream?

Lucid Dreaming - What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Do You Lucid Dreaming?

This is a topic that still alludes Science today.  Experiencing lucid dreams was something I was used to throughout my life since childhood.  They were very vivid and waking.  It was not until I came across the term Lucid Dreaming, that I understood what was happening.  Now, not to be confused with Spiritual dreams (which were messages delivered through sleep state), which after time I obtained the awareness of knowing the difference.

Everyone has a marker in dreams that stands out as a guide to the dreams purpose.  For me the telling sign of spiritual messages were the eyes.  When messages are being given from my higher self, guides or spiritual beings, it was the eyes that always stood out larger than average, as if they were speaking.  Once achieving the knowledge and awareness things were a lot clearer. 

Lucid dreaming is something that can be learned.  It is of course easier for some who are experienced in always dreaming and for those who are not it just takes patience and practice.

A Guide To Assist With Lucid Dreaming

I have comprised a list of steps from various sources that will guide you through the process of achieving the Lucid Dream state.

Steps 1 & 2 should be worked on right away

  • Daytime Prep Talk (like an affirmation) – Throughout the day pay attention to the world around you in detail.  Listen to your breathing, how your skin feels, your routines and all the things that are involved in your daily routine.  This will help you have a better understanding of your environment and know it well to notice subtle changes.
  • Validate Reality – Trick your subconscious and create habitual behaviors to know if you are dreaming awake or lucid.  Example of Reality checks can be as simple as taking one hand and pushing it through the palm of your other hand.  In your waking state this can of course can not be achieved, however practicing this will become a habit and while in a dream state when it becomes lucid your conscious will remember this.  Inhalation test is also another form of checking reality by blocking your nostrils and breath in, of course in your waking state this too can not be achieved but being consistent and having your subconscious remember this it may present itself in the dream and if lucid you will be able to breathe when nostrils are blocked.
  • Power down. Setting the stage before going to sleep is very important to this process. Calm your brain by simple techniques like meditation, binaural music sounds, yoga and different forms of relaxation methods. If you are someone that reads via tablet or plays games on a cell phone in bed before sleep this may prevent the lucid dreaming process.  The light from your cell phone  and tablet stops the melatonin process, therefore stopping deep sleep.  Check out this article for an understanding of Binaural Sounds:
  • Immerse your conscious mind with Visualization.  Try to visualize lucid dreams by creating a scene in your mind, a world built by you in your thoughts. This is like warming up, exercising your consciousness.  If you are having a hard time with visualization choose a place you’ve been before.  Pay attention to details.
  • Sleep paralysis. Set an alarm for 2 hrs before time to get up. Relax, Go back to sleep, this will be like REM sleep because your mind is groggy. Wake back to bed method. 

There are Four stages of sleep

1. Relaxed, transitioning, muscles relax

2. It is usually 40% to 60% of sleep time during this state, sleep spindle happens here.

Sleep spindles are brief bursts of fast activity that appear something like the shape of an “eye” as they rapidly increase in amplitude and then rapidly decay. Stage 2 is where we spend the majority of the night while sleeping.

3. Restorative sleep 5% to 15% of our sleep, where muscles completely relaxed

4. REM (Rapid Eye Movement), majority of your dreams happen

A Few Tips

The average person has 3 to 5 dreams a night, so a way to take an active approach on this process, having a daily mantra can help. Here is an example:

“I will know when Im dreaming, I will remember my dreams”

And always remember to Journal dreams as soon as awake!


And always remember to Journal dreams as soon as awake!

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