The Witch of Darklight



Beginner Witch Courses

These courses are packaged with wonderful magic!  Videos Tutorials & Pdf’s created for Witches newer to the path of Witchcraft and Magic.

Free Consultation

For intuitive messages from spirit check out the offerings I provide.  If you are unsure what magick you will need manifested in your life, let’s chat about it.  Find out what works best for you.


Protection Working

Feeling like the evil eye is on you? Do you need protection in your life from unwanted energies?  

Let’s craft a protection spell that is right for your situation.

Money Magic Working

When money is needed to help pay bills or for things desired, casting the right magick can manifest the finances.

Road Openings

Sometimes there are obstacles on the path blocking the way for you to achieve your goals.  Then it’s time for a Spiritual intervention to help remove those things in the way of your path to happiness.

Energy Healing

When your mind body and soul is out of alignment, things aren’t always comfortable and you feel out of place.  Energy Healing may be the answer for you.

Custom Spell Working

Custom Candles are so much fun to work with and powerful!  They are each designed specifically for you and what it is you need manifested.


Birth Chart Readings

I’m excited to be able to help you navigate your journey and souls purpose in this lifetime.  The Birth Chart is your personally unique map of the stars!  

Would you like to learn why you may like or dislike things? Or what your soul desires in this lifetime?

Enter below!


Supporting Subheading

Before any magick begins there is a free consultation available to help take you through this process.

Every situation is unique and requires patience.  It also depends on how many obstacles are in the way of your goals.

There are no refunds available once the working has been cast.

Each working is recorded via pictures throughout the entire process.  Once the spell has been cast, further instructions and pictures with be forwarded.

Because every situation is unique, if needed you will receive instructions if your participation is required.