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Practical Magick Witchcraft

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In this course, you will learn:

The History, philosophies and practices of Witchcraft

Learn the Ritual Practices in Magick

How To Spell Casting and Tools and Techniques

Learn about The Seasons of the Witch and How To Celebrate Each

How To Work with the Planets in Witchcraft

How to Dress The Candle and use it in Witchcraft

Learn the different Types & Shapes of Candles Used and How To Used Them

Create your own personal Dried Botanical Enchanted blends

Create your own personal Enchanted Oil blends

How To Work with the Athame & Wand

How To Create a Voodoo Doll for Healing

How To Do a Dark Moon Ritual of Release

How To Activate Solomon Pentacles(Sigils)

How To Use Your Cauldron In Witchcraft As A Vortex

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