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  • Domination Ritual Oil


    Domination Oil is a unique oil used in spiritual practices for influencing and controlling situations, people, or circumstances to achieve a desired outcome. It is often employed when a practitioner seeks to gain dominance, authority, or control over a specific situation or individual. This type of oil is rooted in the belief that by using it with focused intention and magickal practices, one can tip the scales in their favor and exert a form of metaphysical influence.


  • The Uncrossing Ritual Kit


    The Uncrossing Ritual Kit

    An assembled collection tailored to help you wield the power to master the circumstances of your life. This kit features the potent magic of Uncrossing Oil, crafted to dispel negative influences and obstacles that may be affecting your life. Alongside this empowering oil, you’ll discover some potent protection powder and “Incense of the Gods,” and other essential components. Also included is a ritual spell scroll to help you cast that magic. The Uncrossing Ritual Kit is your key to reclaiming your power.


  • The Road Opening Ritual Kit


    The Road Opening Ritual Kit

    An assembled collection anchored by the transformative power of Road Opening Oil, tailored to clear obstacles and unlock the routes to your desired destinations. Alongside this oil, you’ll get some powerful Abre Camino, some “Incense of the Gods,” and other carefully chosen components. Also included is a ritual spell scroll to assist you in your magic.

    The Road Opening Ritual Kit is your key to dismantling barriers, clearing the road ahead, and creating opportunities for yourself.


  • The Dominion Ritual Kit


    Take Control!

    The Dominion Ritual Kit – a curated collection designed to harness your inner strength and channel it into the mastery of your life’s circumstances. This kit combines the potent energies of Master Root Oil, Galangal Root Oil, and Domination Oil, all working in synergy to amplify your control and influence over situations. Paired with the enigmatic “Incense of the Gods,” a Palo Santo stick, and more. You also receive a ritual spell pdf guide to download. This kit empowers you to rise above challenges and command the outcomes you seek.

    It’s your toolkit for taking control, dominating circumstances, and shaping your destiny.