Darklight Money Magic Blend


The magic of drawing in money is something we call all use at one point or another!

This blend is packed with metaphysical power.

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The Money Magic Blend in a 4 ounce shaker jar is created with the intent to draw in wealth, prosperity and abundance into your life.  A blend of botanicals dedicated for the purpose of manifesting money and ways to make it.

During the creation of this powerful blend when adding each ingredient the intentions were spoken.

The Spirits were summoned for the blessing of each blend, giving it its protective power.

In each 4 ounce bottle of the Money Magic Blend you will find some master root pieces along with some frankincense resin. Master Root in the occult world is known for its powerful ability to aid in most situations metaphysically and Frankincense was used as currency because it represented wealth. I find that with all magic if you want the most affective manifestations, setting the tone of the aesthetics is so important.  It’s that extra mojo that packs it with a punch.

Ways To Use The Darklight Botanicals:

  • when dressing your candle rub a few drops of the oil of your choosing all over the candle, then sprinkle the blend around the candle until covered.

  • when fixing a 7 day candle by sprinkling a pinch around the top of the candle

  • place in a charm bag along with other items to carry with you to evoke the energies of the blend

  • burn as an incense by burning a charcoal disc and adding a pinch of the magical blend to the top of the charcoal

Each 4 ounce bottle has shaker lids and airtight caps.

Warning – Please do not ingest any of the Darklight Botanical Blends, they are only for external use.  If you are allergic or sensitive please use gloves when handling blends.


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