Domination Ritual Oil


Domination Oil is a unique oil used in spiritual practices for influencing and controlling situations, people, or circumstances to achieve a desired outcome. It is often employed when a practitioner seeks to gain dominance, authority, or control over a specific situation or individual. This type of oil is rooted in the belief that by using it with focused intention and magickal practices, one can tip the scales in their favor and exert a form of metaphysical influence.



Some of the spiritual primary uses of Domination Ritual Oil

  • Commanding and Control
  • Influencing Others
  • Authority and Leadership
  • Career and Business
  • Relationships and Love
  • Legal Matters
  • Overcoming Resistance


Ingredients of the Domination Ritual Oil:

Made with 100% Authentic Calamus Root, which is the main ally of domination,¬†this oil is meticulously crafted with a blend of powerful components, including authentic calamus root, essential oils selected to amplify the oil’s potential and a 24k Gold Leaf not only for a visual representation of wealth but also for manifesting the bling.

How to Use Domination Oil:

Domination Oil can be applied to sacred objects, amulets, or talismans, creating a spiritual bond that magnifies their energy. For rituals and spell casting, consider anointing divination tools, ceremonial objects, or even using it in a diffuser. 

Influence Over Others: Domination Oil can be used to gain control or influence over a specific person or group. To use it for this purpose, you may anoint a red or black candle with the oil, focusing on your intent and visualizing the person or situation coming under your control. Burn the candle while repeating your desired outcome or petition.

Dress Personal Items: Anoint personal items, such as clothing, jewelry, or photos, with Domination Oil to exert influence over the individual depicted or associated with those items. This can be particularly effective in love or relationship work.

Enhance Spells and Rituals: Add a few drops of Domination Oil to other spellwork or rituals to enhance their effectiveness. It can be used in combination with other oils, herbs, or ingredients that align with your intentions.

Control a Situation: If you need to take control of a situation or have authority over a specific circumstance, you can anoint your hands with Domination Oil and then touch relevant objects or surfaces. This can symbolize your dominance over the situation.

Use in Mojo Bags: Incorporate Domination Oil into a mojo bag or gris-gris bag, along with other appropriate herbs or curios, to carry with you as a talisman of influence and control.

Elevate your practice with confidence using Domination Oil.

Available in a 10ml bottle (1/3 oz.) glass bottle, this oil brings the essence of ancient wisdom to your modern rituals.

Results Vary


Warning – Please do your due diligence to make sure it is ok for use as this is for external use only ***Do not take internally***

Please do a skin irritant test by only placing a very small amount before use.


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