Galangal Root Ritual Oil


Galangal “little john” Root has gained a remarkable reputation in the realms of spirituality thanks to its potent magickal properties. This root as a ritual oil is highly sought after for its association with protection, power, and success. It has a few endearing nicknames, “Little John Root, Chewing John & Court Case Root”.



Some of the spiritual attributes of Galangal Root

  • Commanding and Influencing
  • Protection and Purification
  • Psychic Enhancement
  • Prosperity and Fortune
  • Matters of the Heart
  • Obstacle Removal and Transformation
  • Courage and Confidence
  • Fertility and Vitality
  • Guidance from Ancestors
  • Road Opening and New Beginnings


Ingredients of Galangal “little john” Root Oil:

Made with 100% Authentic Galangal Root this oil is meticulously crafted with a blend of powerful components, including authentic galangal root, essential oils selected to amplify the oil’s potential and a 24k Gold Leaf not only for a visual representation of wealth but also for manifesting the bling.

How to Use Galangal “little john”  Root Oil:

Galangal Root Oil can be applied to sacred objects, amulets, or talismans, creating a spiritual bond that magnifies their energy. For rituals, consider anointing divination tools, ceremonial objects, or even using it in a diffuser. 

Elevate your practice with the energy of Galangal Root Oil to manifest desired outcomes.

Available in a 10ml bottle (1/3 oz.) glass bottle, this oil brings the essence of ancient wisdom to your modern rituals.

Results Vary


Warning – Please do your due diligence to make sure it is ok for use as this is for external use only ***Do not take internally***

Please do a skin irritant test by only placing a very small amount before use.


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