High John Ritual Oil


For Success, Prosperity and Power! This venerable root High John the Conqueror, possesses a potent spirit known for overcoming obstacles, bringing victory in the face of adversity. Each drop of this precious elixir is infused with the essence of this legendary root, bringing forth its formidable energy into your ritual work.



Ingredients of High John Oil:

Made with 100% Authentic High John Root this oil is crafted with a blend of powerful components, including authentic high john root, essential oils selected to amplify the oil’s potential and a 24k Gold Leaf not only for a visual representation of wealth but also for manifesting the bling and a Clear Crystal Quartz to illuminate the metaphysical properties.

How to Use High John Oil:

Conquer Obstacles: High John the Conqueror is renowned for removing obstacles that block your path to success. Anoint yourself or your tools with this oil to clear the way and overcome challenges.

Attract Prosperity: Use it to draw wealth, luck, and financial success into your life. Dress your wallet, purse, or cash with a drop of High John Ritual Oil for a touch of prosperity magic.

Enhance Personal Power: High John is all about personal mastery. Anoint your wrists, third eye, or heart chakra before important meetings, interviews, or when seeking personal empowerment.

Boost Confidence: When you need that extra boost of confidence, wear this oil as a fragrant, magical cologne or perfume to help you stand tall and radiate self-assuredness.

Amplify Spells: Incorporate it into your spellwork to supercharge your intentions. It can be used in candle magic, mojo bags, or as a powerful addition to any ritual.

Elevate your practice with the energy of High John Oil. 

Available in a 10ml bottle (1/3 oz.) glass bottle, this oil brings the essence of ancient wisdom to your modern rituals.

Results Vary


Warning – Please do your due diligence to make sure it is ok for use as this is for external use only ***Do not take internally***

Please do a skin irritant test by only placing a very small amount before use.


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