Love Binding Sigil


The creation of sigils, by many names have been used in many ancient cultures and still used in the modern day by occultists and seekers of esoteric knowledge.  When created and used properly it can be a powerful tool to wield the forces of the cosmos to manifest desired outcomes.

Sigils have been a powerful influence in my magic and have had life changing results.  I am an artist by nature and adore using my gifts and experience of occult gnosis to create magic in an alchemic form that can be shared with everyone!

At such a low cost you can have access to the magic of these sigils!



This sigil was created to bind two lovers together to strengthen the bond.  Both the dominator and partners names are placed strategically within the sigil.  Influences of ancient Egypt, Sumer and alchemic symbols known for the power to attract and bind two forces together.

All sigils are created in deep meditation, vibrational sounds, fumigations and images are channeled and selected to form the desired alchemy.  This is a carefully thought out process that takes between 5 to 7 days.

Once the sigil is received, it will then need to be activated at the suggested times given with your download, with the influences of the cosmos. Along with a video of how to activate your sigil.

You will receive 5 Printable Downloads of:

  • 2 Sigil copies – white background, black print & colored background (aged paper), black print
  • An Activation Incantation (you can alter it accordingly)
  • Sigil Example of where to place names
  • How to activate and suggested electional astrological times to activate
  • VIDEO instructions walking you through how to activate the sigil

You can print as many times as you like to use for your loved ones. Just remember each print will need to be activated at the appropriate time(s).

Please note: if you are in any physical danger or need counseling please seek the help of the proper authorities and licensed professionals.

Please also note: Once purchased there are “No Refunds”.


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