Psychic Ritual Oil


Used to enhance psychic abilities, sharpen intuition, and open channels for divination and spiritual insight.



Ingredients of Psychic Oil:

Made with traditional ingredients and more, this oil is crafted with a blend of powerful components, essential oils selected to amplify the oil’s potential.

How to Use Psychic Oil:

Anointing Psychic Tools: Psychic Oil can be applied to divination tools, such as tarot cards, pendulums, crystal balls, or other tools used for spiritual readings. It is believed to enhance the connection between the practitioner and the tools, making readings more accurate and insightful.

Spiritual Baths: Adding a few drops of Psychic Oil to bathwater is believed to cleanse the aura, open psychic channels, and prepare the practitioner for spiritual work, such as mediumship or clairvoyance.

Anointing the Body: Some practitioners anoint their body with Psychic Oil, particularly at the forehead (the “third eye” area), to stimulate psychic abilities, improve clarity, and enhance insight.

Dream Work: Psychic Oil can be used before bedtime to promote lucid dreaming, dream recall, and the ability to receive messages or guidance through dreams.

Candle Magic: Anointing candles with Psychic Oil during psychic or divination rituals can enhance the practitioner’s ability to connect with the spirit world or receive intuitive insights.

Meditation: Applying Psychic Oil before meditation sessions is thought to open channels for higher awareness and connection to the spiritual realm.

Psychic Readings: Some practitioners use Psychic Oil to anoint their hands before performing psychic readings, palmistry, or other forms of divination, believing it helps channel their intuitive energies.

Connect with the spirit world, and improve your divination skills with Psychic Ritual Oil. 

Available in a 10ml bottle (1/3 oz.) glass bottle, this oil brings the essence of ancient wisdom to your modern rituals.

Results Vary


Warning – Please do your due diligence to make sure it is ok for use as this is for external use only ***Do not take internally***

Please do a skin irritant test by only placing a very small amount before use.


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