Road Opener Ritual Oil


Clearing Obstacles and Removing Blocks! Made with 100% authentic Abre Camino, aka “Open the Way” both leaves and stems and a blend of special ingredients.



Ingredients of Road Opener Oil:

Made with 100% Authentic Abre Camino aka Open The Way, this oil is crafted with a blend of powerful components, essential oils selected to amplify the oil’s potential and a 24k Gold Leaf not only for a visual representation of abundance but also for manifesting with bling.

How to Use Road Opener Oil:

Clearing Obstacles: Road Opener Oil is employed to remove blockages and obstacles that may be impeding one’s progress in life. This can include anything from financial difficulties and job-related issues to personal roadblocks like emotional baggage.

Attracting Opportunities: It’s used to draw in new opportunities, whether in love, career, finances, or any other area of life where one seeks positive change. The oil is believed to create favorable conditions for growth and success.

Opening Doors: This oil is employed to “open doors” in a person’s life, making it easier to access new possibilities and pathways. It can be used when starting a new venture, embarking on a journey, or seeking personal growth.

Psychic Enhancement: Some practitioners also use Road Opener Oil to enhance their psychic abilities and spiritual insight. Anointing the forehead or third eye with this oil is thought to open up one’s intuition and perception.

Remove those obstacles with the energy of Road Opener Oil. 

Available in a 10ml bottle (1/3 oz.) glass bottle, this oil brings the essence of ancient wisdom to your modern rituals.

Results Vary


Warning – Please do your due diligence to make sure it is ok for use as this is for external use only ***Do not take internally***

Please do a skin irritant test by only placing a very small amount before use.


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