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What I Do

During the private sessions, I serve as a vessel for messages and communications from spirit and tune into the client’s energy and connect with their spirits for insights into the client’s past, present, and future, offering guidance and support to help them navigate their path forward.

One of the things that is important to me is having a compassionate approach in creating a safe and nurturing space for my clients. I understand that many people come to me feeling vulnerable and unsure, and I  work hard to make them feel at ease.

How I Do It

Everything has an energy signature!

I am deeply committed to being connected to the energy of the universe and the spirit realm. Through various practices, I work to raise my vibration and tune into the frequency of the spirit realm.

One of the key practices that I use to connect energetically with the spirit realm is meditation and energy work accessing higher states of consciousness. 

Do you feel .......

Looking for some guidance on your path?

Lost....Not having a clear view of what your future holds.

Pulled....but don't know which direction to go.

Tired....of feeling unfulfilled in life.

Over Worked....and need a way to navigate balance

Learn about my journey to now!

What is a Spiritual Intuitive?

A spiritual intuitive worker is someone who uses their natural intuitive abilities to connect with the spiritual realm and provide guidance and insight to others. They may work in various modalities, such as psychic readings, mediumship, energy healing, or spiritual coaching.

As an intuitive, they are highly attuned to the energy and emotions of others, and they can often sense things that others may not be aware of. They may use tools such as tarot cards, crystals, or pendulums to help them tune into their clients’ energy and provide more detailed information.

In addition to their intuitive gifts, a spiritual intuitive worker is typically deeply connected to their own spirituality and may draw on various spiritual practices or beliefs to guide their work. They may have a strong sense of empathy and compassion, and they work with their clients to help them connect with their own inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.

A spiritual intuitive worker is someone who uses their intuitive gifts and spiritual connection to help others find clarity, healing, and guidance on their life’s journey.


Spiritual Intuitive Reading - Virtual


Spiritual Intuitive Guidance - Written


Spiritual Intuitive Chiron Reading - Pdf


Spiritual Intuitive Black Moon Lilith - Pdf


Need to know more about.....

Black Moon Lilith

After you have purchased you will receive an email for us to communicate the needs and scheduling

Step One

We start by communicating your needs through email.

Here is where you provide your questions, concerns and birth chart information (Date, Time and Place of Birth)

At this time you will choose an available date and time for your appointment. This also includes written pdf readings.

Step Two

After an appointment date and time have been set, I begin connecting with your spirits and source to channel information  through divination and the reading of your birth chart.

Please also note each reading will need at least a 5 to 7 business days to allow time to properly evaluate and channel messages

All readings are private one-on-one

Step Three

Here is where we connect via zoom for your channeled message to be delivered.  

I go over the messages in your chart that provide the answers to your question.

After the zoom reading, you will receive a recording of the session within 48hrs.

If you have chosen to receive a reading via pdf, it will be received via email on the date scheduled.

This is how the sessions are meant to be used....

These sessions are about your growth and development, undestanding what brought you to this point, what is the likley outcome if you stay on this path and learning how to become the architect of your own experiences.

The intuitive readings may offer you insights to help give you the tools to find the confidence to move forward.  If you are given the tools but never take action, success won’t come.

Strategies may be offered during the session which will help you uncover the blocks to your success.

Client Reviews

"Aradia read me like a book!!
She's very intuitive and precise when it comes to her spiritual readings."
Vernie J
"This astro reading gave me the direction needed. Aradia is so sweet and understanding which helped ease my nerves. It was like she was in my head lol. I needed this and absolutely recommend getting a reading with her!"
Josephine Q
“My reading was awesome! Eerily accurate and so fascinating! I learned a lot about myself while at the same time confirming things I innately knew. Overall, the reading helped me to realize more about myself on a soul level and validated to me that I'm on my true path. I feel more confident and excited to continue working toward my goals, knowing they are part of my own personal Divine Plan. And I loved Aradia! She's so sweet.“
Jessica G
"I was hesitant at first but omg after the session was over,
I walked away with so many questions answered. Definitely will be coming back for more because this can help with planning and goal setting. And such great prices."
Denise M
“I have received multiple spiritual readings from Aradia in which she was highly accurate, helpful and personal! I have also taken her video course/courses where the information taught is concise and worldly. Many teachers of witchcraft hold back a lot of important information but Arcanum provides all the details one needs to grow in their craft! Wherever you lie on the witchy spectrum, whether more “light” or more “dark”, Aradia has the tenure and you need to expand on your practice!”
Jharline O
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