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Personal alchemy is based on the idea that each person has a unique combination of planets and elements that make up their astrological chart, and that these energies can be understood for personal growth and transformation.

By understanding one’s personal alchemy, a person can gain insights on how to manifest the magick that’s needed in their lives and learn how to align their life with their true self.

When a person understands their personal alchemy, they are better equipped to navigate challenges and opportunities in their personal and professional lives, and are more likely to experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

This is a transformative experience, leading to greater self-awareness, personal growth, and a deeper connection with the world around us.

Types of Readings Currently Offering

Each client is provided with a Pdf copy of their birth chart!

All Readings are recorded for your convenience.

Birth Chart Reading

Audio Recording & Pdf Downloads


Birth Chart Reading

Pdf Downloads


After you have purchased you will receive a download & email of further instructions.

All readings are private and confidential

What Clients Are Saying

I want to thank you sooo much!!

I want to thank you sooo much!! I have never had a direct loud and clear message from a spirit this strong. I feel very assured to start looking into working with them. I’m always cautious to work with deties I don’t know about out of respect to not do something wrong, but I feel safe that they have called me through you. Thank you Aradia truly.

Elisheba A

This is great

This is great, thank you so much! I really enjoyed this today, makes sense of so many different people that I’ve known, jobs I have had, never felt I belonged anywhere now I understand why πŸ˜πŸ’œ

Thanks again

Lorraine A

I would highly recommend!

“Your witchy video tutorial has aided me in my craft to new levels of vision in my studies.
I would highly recommend anyone to sign up.”

Vernie J

My reading was awesome!

β€œMy reading was awesome! Eerily accurate and so fascinating! I learned a lot about myself while at the same time confirming things I innately knew. Overall, the reading helped me to realize more about myself on a soul level and validated to me that I’m on my true path. I feel more confident and excited to continue working toward my goals, knowing they are part of my own personal Divine Plan. And I loved Aradia! She’s so sweet.β€œ

Jessica G

She’s very intuitive.

“Aradia read me like a book!!
She’s very intuitive and precise when it comes to her spiritual readings.”

Vernie J

Great reading!

“This astro reading gave me the direction needed. Aradia is so sweet and understanding which helped ease my nerves. It was like she was in my head lol.
I needed this and absolutely recommend getting a reading with her!”

Josephine Q

Definitely will be coming back for more!

“I was hesitant at first but omg after the session was over,
I walked away with so many questions answered. Definitely will be coming back for more because this can help with planning and goal setting. And such great prices.”

Denise M

Arcanum provides all the details one needs to grow in their craft!

β€œI have received multiple spiritual readings from Aradia in which she was highly accurate, helpful and personal! I have also taken her video course/courses where the information taught is concise and worldly. Many teachers of witchcraft hold back a lot of important information but Arcanum provides all the details one needs to grow in their craft! Wherever you lie on the witchy spectrum, whether moreβ€œlight” or moreβ€œdark”, Aradia has the tenure and you need to expand on your practice!”

Jharline O