Serpentia Divina

Serpentia Divina, “Divine Serpent” or “Sacred Serpent” is a concept that represents the divine serpent or snake, often symbolizing wisdom, transformation, and renewal in various spiritual and mythological traditions. It embodies the dual nature of serpents, representing both the creative and destructive forces of nature. In some belief systems

In the context of our teachings, “Serpentia Divina” embodies a symbolic and transformative journey, suggesting a sacred space or condition where participants explore the ancient ceremonies of sex magic. The term reflects a profound connection with the Shakti within, a symbolic representation of vital energy and spiritual awakening in various mystical traditions.

Through “Serpentia Divina” individuals are invited to delve into the mysteries of these ancient rituals, breaking away the chains to the power of the serpent, and embracing their inner wisdom, sensuality, and transformative energies.