Creating Enchanted Botanicals Dried & Oil Blends


What You Will Get:

  • 5 Pre-recorded Videos
  • Intro to understanding how to create enchanted blends
  • Learning the tools and techniques
  • Ebook of over 30 pages
  • Pdf Downloads
  • Available on mobile devices



Come over to the world of magickal botanical blends and learn the power of herbs, oils and roots with our comprehensive course for use in witchcraft practices. The realm of herbal alchemy as we explore the art of blending and crafting potent botanical concoctions. Gain a deep understanding of the properties and energies of various herbs, flowers, and roots, and learn how to select and combine them to create personalized blends for spellwork, rituals, and spiritual practices. Develop your creativity and intuition as you learn to infuse your intentions into botanical blends and oils, enabling you to enhance your spells, rituals, and witchcraft practices.

No prior experience is necessary—just an open heart, and a desire to explore the magickal potential of botanical alchemy.


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Creating Enchanted Botanicals Dried & Oil Blends
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