Custom Candle Spell Workings


Each custom candle working is created with a 7 Day candle designed just for you and your situation.

What makes this working different?  As the 7 Day candle burns each day there will be channeling of spirits, petitions written and daily prayers sent.

Once you have purchased the offering, you will be contacted via email.

***Please make sure to fill out the form with details and your email information.***

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What will happen?

  • I will channel the Ancestors, Spirits & Guides for their aid in this working for the best magickal results.
  • The spiritual supplies will be chosen, such as: candles, botanicals, sympathetic items, etc.
  • Instructions will be provided.
  • The right astrological timing chosen (this may vary depending on the necessity).
  • Once the working is complete you will receive photos that documents the entire process


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