How To Work Candle Magick 101


What You Will Get:

  • 7 Pre-recorded Videos
  • History of Candles
  • Intro to understanding Candles
  • Learning the different Types of Candles
  • Ebook of over 30 pages
  • Pdf Downloads
  • Available on mobile devices



“Introduction to Candle Magick 101.” Understand the realm of candle magick as we explore the significance of candles, their colors, and various types for spellwork. Understand how candles act as a focal point for intention-setting and energy manipulation, and delve into the symbolism and energetic properties of candles.

Learn how to create spells using candles as a focal point, including techniques for charging, dressing, and anointing candles. Join us in this course and find your creative potential through the ancient art of candle magick.

No prior experience in magick or spellcasting is required—just an open mind and a willingness to explore the magick within.


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How To Work Candle Magick 101
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