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Palo Santo Sticks (3)


The Holy Wood Palo Santo!  In a bundle of 3 Sticks.

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Palo Santo with its sweet, smoky fragrance is an intoxicating aroma, is a powerful wood with metaphysical properties that protect, rejuvenate and raise frequencies.  The word Palo Santo literally means, “Holy Wood” and was used by shamans and healers in Indigenous Latin American cultures.

Ways that it can be used:

  • During Meditation it calms the mind

  • Creativity:  Burning Palo Santo ignites inspiration

  • Protection when needing to banish unwanted energies and to cleanse a space or object.

  • Ease Stress when burning as an incense

Ignite your Palo Santo stick with fire and let the fire burn for about 30 secs to a minute, to make sure the stick properly burns.  Your space will be filled with the earthy aroma while connecting and grounding you.

Warning: When lighting the Dragons Blood Sage Bundle please do not leave unguarded.  Please make sure when you are finished using the bundle that it is extinguished and no longer burning.


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Palo Santo Sticks (3)
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