Seasons of the Witch & Lunar Cycles Basics


What You Will Get:

  • 3 Pre-recorded Videos
  • How to work with the seasons of the witch
  • Understand the Lunar Cycles
  • Learn how to align with the Lunar Phases
  • Ebook of over 30 pages
  • Pdf Downloads
  • Available on mobile devices



Step into the Seasons of the Witch and understand what they are and how to align and celebrate each of the 8 Sabbats.  Also, tap into the magick of the Lunar Cycles and find out how to incorporate working with the phases of the moon in your daily witchcraft and spiritual practices.

No prior experience is necessary—just an open heart, and a desire to explore the magickal potential of botanical alchemy.


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Seasons of the Witch & Lunar Cycles Basics
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