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Enchanted Oil Series – The Dark Moon Oil

The Dark Moon Oil is created under…….yes you guessed it, the Dark Moon.  This base oil has absorbed the energy of the Dark Moon in Aries and is ready to take action, banishing and releasing all unwanted energies.

The base oils are poured and additional magick is added.  

And for additional power this Dark Moon Oil has Tourmaline Stones within it to enhance the metaphysical properties for manifestation of the purposes.

Even the added shimmer is all a part of what makes these oils magickal! Because having something look mystical sets the tone for some extra mojo.

There is a ritual process to set the intentions and I call in the spirits to aid in the purpose of the oil.

Every process is unique to the intention and astrological alignments used.

Ways To Use:

  • dress a candle by rubbing a few drops of the oil on the candle

  • add a few drops to incense to burn

  • fix 7 day candles by adding a few drops at the top of the candle

  • add a couple of drops to petition papers when setting intentions that the oil can assist in manifesting

Disclaimer:  These oils are created for spiritual and magickal purposes and are not to be ingested.  If you may be allergic please handle the oils with gloves.  Please do your due diligence to find out if the oil and its ingredients are ok for you to handle.  Please note these oils are flammable and should be handled with care when working with them.


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