The Practical Magick Witchcraft Course – The Apprentice


This Practical Magick Course is designed to help you tap into the mysterious world of magick, explore the ancient traditions of witchcraft, and embrace your inner power.

You’ll learn how to make love potions, create spells for protection, develop your intuition and receive the live guidance to help you along the way.

This course will give you the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of magick and witchcraft.

You’ll engage in hands-on exercises and rituals! As a Apprentice you will receive the needed guidance to help you on your magickal journey.

3 Modules Includes a total of:

  • 4 hr of Video Tutorials (totaling 4 hrs for all phases)
  • (3) 1 hour sessions after each phase
  • 3 Witchy Ebooks of Information and correspondences for each module 30 pages each! Some are Book of Shadow pages.
  • Pdf Informational Downloads
  • A Bonus Video – Learn the Type of Manifestor you are!
  • A Bonus Video – The Secret to Manifesting Magick!
  • A Free  “Your Personal Alchemy Reading”



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The Practical Magick Witchcraft Course – The Apprentice
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