The Black Candle

The black candle is important to me. As a Witch, I always keep candles in my home.  There are a few candle colors that I always have on hand and out of those colors one is black.  

I find in a lot of my work a black candle is needed to protect the energy of the spell casting.  Because as you know in the magickal community black carries the energy of protection.

One of the ways that I incorporate this into my magick is when casting prosperity spells I use black candles in combination with the green to help protect and block any negative forces that may stand in the way of the manifestation.

Let’s look at the color black

Black is a color that is an amalgamation of all colors therefore it to me would seem as if it carries the energy of all and creates its own powerful unique frequency.

The science is to the visible spectrum, black is the absorption of all colors.  In magick with each color carrying its own frequency and energy, black being the one color that can contain them all, naturally this color would be a symbol of protection.

Using the Black Candle

Using the black candle in your spells and rituals make for a powerful statement.  In many cases you have reached a point where you need to take action to protect.  Or it simply is a means of adding additional power to your magickal workings.

Can you use a black candle when you have no other colors available? Absolutely yes!  When channeling your intention to direct the candle’s energy you can tap into the source of all the colors it has absorbed.  Isn’t that magnificent!  This is the reason I always have black candles in my witch cupboard because it is a stand alone

Instructions to the prosperity spell with the use of the black candle:

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 Green Taper Candle
  • 4 Black Taper Candle
  • Botanicals for Prosperity (ex. Catnip, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Patchouli) These can be oils and/or dried plants
  • Optional: Money/Prosperity Oil

Preparing your space and supplies:

Cleanse your space however you feel comfortable.  The most used technique is cleansing by smoke with an incense that has the properties of protection like sage or rosemary and resins like frankincense and copal.  If smoke is something that bothers you no worries, you can use other means like verbally speaking to create a circle or call in your deities and the aid of planetary energies for example Jupiter is a wonder planet to work with for prosperity.

After you have cleansed your space you want to hold your candles to bless them with your intent and purpose.  This will charge them and prepare them for the magickal working.  Spending time in preparation helps tremendously, it sets the tone and even prepares your mind.  

I find it helps in preparation to set the tone with some music (that is specific to either the spell or ritual being worked or an instrumental that gets me to a higher state of frequency) and the ambience of the room or space with incense and candles.  Whatever you find that helps you alter the state of your mind in preparation for the magick.

Steps To Prepare the Spell Candles:

Dress your green candle with your dried botanical of choice (1 or more is fine).  If you do not have an enchanted oil blend for prosperity/money, then olive oil is fine to help the dried herbs or plants stick to your candle.

Take a look at this video for an example of dressing a candle.  


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