The Witch of Darklight


The Darklight Coven

Witchcraft Mentorship & Coaching

In this Witchcraft Mentorship with the Darklight Coven, I work with you 1-1 to help guide you in learning the ways of the craft.

After you have the basic foundations of magickal practices like the history and the many paths you can embark upon,

knowing how to put it in to practice is the next step.


Here at the Darklight Coven you can get to know other like minded Witches of the craft!

Enjoy Full Moon Rituals and Spell Casting together!

The art of practical magick is an important part of a pagan, witch and spiritual workers path,

so acquiring the necessary tools will provide success in manifesting magick in your daily practices.


You will gain the confidence needed and the realization of your intuitive gifts!

You have the magick inside you, it’s simply a matter of re-connecting with your higherself to access your power.

The Witchcraft

Spell Casting

Words have the power to create! Learn all about spells and how to create your own.  Understand the essentials needed and the importance of etymology.

Your Altar

Learning all about having your own personal sacred space for daily magickal practices.  The Altar is where a lot of the magick happens and is unique for each witch.

The Elements

There are so many aspects when working with the Elements.  The nature, alchemy and archetypal energies of each has a part in all forms of the craft.

Energy Work

Energy is in and around everything in our world.  Learn how to tap into source energy and where it comes from.


What is Divination? Learn the methods passed down from the ancients in occult magick.  There are many techniques, but all are ways of communicating with spirit.  

Tools of the Craft

You are the main tool needed to manifest magick, however we all could use an extension of outside sources.  And as a Witch we love our tools.

The Coven

  • You are new to the craft and have been feeling the desire to enhance your ritual practices
  • You want to gain the confidence in your craft and be the master of your creations
  • You are looking to learn how to magnify the power of manifestation
  • You are wanting to gain some knowledge of astrology to unlock the power of who you are
  • You have a desire to understand the planets more to align with creating your magick
Learn What Other Witches Know
The Tools of the Craft

In your DNA is the power of the ancients waiting to manifest.  This is your primal nature, the source of who you are.  We all have that witch inside of us, but it’s up to you, to answer that call.  

The Witch

Understanding how the cosmos speaks to us and how this can be interpreted to manifest powerful magick!

The Astrology Basics included in this program is a stand alone course in itself! This can be used to enhance your knowledge of the planets to aid in casting rituals and spells for successful outcomes.

Connecting To

Are you ready to remember the magick inside you?

Start Learning Today

Prosperity Magick

Abundance can be accessed in many ways. Understand what it takes to manifest prosperity!

Love Magick

The power of creation is within you, learn how to tap into that frequency of love, through Sex Magick.

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