The Witch of Darklight


Reclaim Your Power!

We are not born into each lifetime by chance! All the stars in the universe aligned to create who you are!
The Soul's awakening

Acknowledge Awaken & Reclaim

So excited about this offering! ¬†There are so many that feel the call to awaken the power within but don’t know how.

My real life experience helps me understand what may be some of the obstacles in the way of your power and my knowledge in the studies of Energy Work, the Metaphysical and Spirituality, provide me with the tools to be your guide.

I am passionate about being able to tap into our own personal power that provide us with the confidence to manifest our goals!

In this fun filled 4 weeks of videos, lessons, live chats, you will learn how to tap into that power!

Course Contribution


come join the awakening

We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. Reclaim your power!

What you will get!

4 Pre-recorded Videos

4 Live 1-1 Sessions

Learn how to tap into your primal energy

The understanding of what your soul wants to experience in this lifetime

Awaken your creativity

seven phases to awakening the souls

Who Are You?

Shadow Work Regime.

Working on what kept you from being who you are.

Working with your bodies Energy.

Implement a routine.

What is your Gift to the world?

Can it be a Hobby or Career?

Video 1

In this first video I walk you through, learning how to find out who you are and the Shadow Work process. 

Video 2

In the second week we go over your birth chart to see where your soul wants to thrive!

Video 3

The third week is all about tapping into source and ways this can be done.

Video 4

The fourth week we work on implementing what you love into your life.

Want to tap into your power?

Open up a whole new world of possibilities!