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  • Wheel of the Year Printable Download


    Wheel of the Year – 8 Sabbats Printable Pages
    Celebrate the seasonal yearly cycle with this guide.



    “The Legendary Seal of Solomon Collection” 

    This collection features 44 pdf sheets of Solomon Pentacles

    This collection has two additions – the “Mystical Figure of Solomon” and the “Grand Pentacle.” The “Mystical Figure of Solomon” is a unique embodiment of the legendary king himself, capturing his wisdom, strength, and spiritual prowess. Display it proudly as a symbol of power and enlightenment.

    The crown jewel of this collection, the “Grand Pentacle,” holds unparalleled significance. This sacred emblem, replicated from ancient scriptures, combines the divine elements of brass and iron. Each part of this remarkable pentacle is infused with immense power.