The Use Of Candles In Magick

Candles come in all colors, shapes, and sizes and are used extensively in Witchcraft for spell work, meditation, rituals, and for divination.

Most Witches I know, myself included, use candles all the time, and not just for spell casting and ritual work, but because they make any room all the more enchanting.

Candles enhance your mood and create an atmosphere that is not just conducive to feeling cozy and relaxed, they are also mind-altering tools which aids you in raising the frequency vibrations for magickal outcomes.



Using Candles In Your Craft

The type, shape and color of the candle used depends upon what the goal of the spell is, because each candle can carry your intent in different ways.

Spell candles are often anointed with oil and may even be all dressed up in glitter! When used for magick, they are always charged with the magician’s (Witch’s) intent, and thereby imbued with much energy. Candle magick is likely the most well-known and most used form of magick in the Craft.

Common candle types used in magick include:

  • 7 Day Candles (Wax is poured directly in the glass)
  • Coach
  • Taper
  • Pillar
  • Skull
  • Figure
  • Votive
  • Tea Light

The Process of Candle Magick

Using candles in your craft to produce magickal results, involves more than just lighting them, making a wish, and letting them burn. The process of cleansing, dressing and charging them is all part of the magick, and when combined with the right astrological alignment, and through utilizing appropriate magickal correspondences such as color, symbols, herbs, oils and other natural objects, the spell’s power is amplified.

How do you use candles in your craft?