The Witch of Darklight

Witchcraft Courses

Learn To Spell Cast

Beginner Witchcraft Courses

These courses are packaged with wonderful magic!  Videos Tutorials, Prerecorded and Live and some even come with Pdf’s created for Witches newer to the path of Witchcraft and Magic.


Creating Enchanted Botanical Blends 101

3 Video Tutorials
Step by Step Creating Enchanted Botanicals

Candle magick basics

Creating Candle Magick For The Beginner 101

3 Video Tutorials
Step by Step Guide
Types of Candles & how they are used

Witchcraft Course Tutorials

foundations in magick

Check Out Videos dedicated to the understanding of learning the foundation in manifesting magick..


Birth Chart Readings

I’m excited to be able to help you navigate your journey and souls purpose in this lifetime.  The Birth Chart is your personally unique map of the stars!  

Would you like to learn why you may like or dislike things? Or what your soul desires in this lifetime?

Enter below!


Before any magick begins there is a free consultation available to help take you through this process.

Every situation is unique and requires patience.  It also depends on how many obstacles are in the way of your goals.

There are no refunds available once the working has been cast.

Each working is recorded via pictures throughout the entire process.  Once the spell has been cast, further instructions and pictures with be forwarded.

Because every situation is unique, if needed you will receive instructions if your participation is required.

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