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Welcome To The Candle Magic Workshop

"Skull Candle Magic"

In this workshop series we will learn all about the Skull Candle and how to use it in our Magick.

We craft the magick together so you can walk away with your own personal skull candle ready to use!

Here is the list of items needed:

A Skull Candle

The size needs to be large enough for you to carve into the bottom of the candle.

Here is a link for an example: skull candle

That example is a great size, any smaller and it will be difficult to load the candle at the bottom.

We will discuss what the definition of loading the candle is within the

Botanicals (Select 2)

The botanicals that will be used correlates with the purpose of the candle magic.

We will be using the skull to banish unwanted energies from our minds.

Here are a list of herbs/plants that can be used.

  • mugwort
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • cedar
  • bay leaves
  • rue
  • lavender

Butter Knife

You will need a Butter Knife to carve a small hole in the bottom of the Skull Candle.

Carving Tool

A tool to carve a few words on the back of the Skull Candle.  A pen or pencil can be used.

These words will be discussed in our workshop

Tea Light Candle

The wax from the heated tea candle will fill the hole at the bottom of the Skull Candle, once the botanicals have been placed within.

Heat Safe Dish

The Candle will need to be placed on a heat safe dish once prepared, loaded and ready to burn.

Optional:  Using an enchanted oil will further add to the power of the magick.  

Some options are:

  • Banishing oil
  • Road Opener oil
  • Shi Shi oil

Before the workshop, please take the time to write down some of the things that you feel no longer serve your greatest good.  This can be old habits, thoughts that plague your mind causing fear and/or anxiety of the energies around you (for example world events).

This will help give you an idea of what keywords need to be carved on the skull, once its time to do so.

For any questions and concerns please email Aradia at:

Looking forward to you joining us in this Workshop!

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